Digital Marketing

Just like your own CTO, we will spearhead your digital marketing innovation by identifying new opportunities and guiding your strategic execution.

Go-to-Market Strategy Formulation

At Outsourced CTO, we implement lean methodologies to develop winning go-to-market strategies. The end product seamlessly consolidates sales, marketing, distribution, pricing, brand development, competitive analysis, and consumer insights, to ensure a practical roadmap to business success. Connect with us to learn more about our offering.

Digital Marketing Strategy Formulation

Outsourced CTO can put our substantial industry experience to work to formulate a digital marketing strategy that will significantly outperform your competitors:

  • Start-up Business digital marketing strategy (R5 000)
  • Small to Medium Business digital marketing strategy (R12 000)
  • Large company digital marketing strategy (R25 000)
  • Enterprise digital marketing strategy (R45 000)

Social Media Management

The Outsourced CTO team of social media experts utilise extensive global experience to put our clients on the online pedestals they deserve. We work directly with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to ensure we stay up to date with the latest developments and algorithm changes.

We take on every aspect of 24/7 social media management so that our clients don’t have to.

Contact us to learn more about our full-service offerings that start from as little as R10 000 per month:

  • Start-up Business social media management (From R10 000 per month)
  • Small to Medium Business social media management (From R22 000 per month)
  • Large company social media management (From R35 000 per month)
  • Enterprise social media management (From R60 000 per month)

Digital Footprint Development

We get it. Digital media evolves at such a rapid pace that it can become quite overwhelming to identify suitable channels for tailored business communication.

By taking on the role of your CTO, we can develop your ideal digital footprint, in line with global best practice. Digital footprint development includes creating the necessary policies and procedures to set you up for success, while also equipping you mitigate risk.

Digital Campaign Management

We offer full-service digital campaign management options:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Email Marketing